About Minnetonka

Minnetonka boots and sandals are made in Monnesota by an American company. Wat makes them special is the quality, comfort and their special style.

Why are Minnetonka moccasins so comfortable ?

The secret is in the way they are made. The insole one piece of learther sewn to the upper which allows the shoe to flex and shape to the foots. It is also the puffed sole that gives extra comfort.


All moccasins are made with top quality leathers and deyd with vegetable dyes. Moosehidenand deerskin models are finished and sewn by hand.

Celebrities in Minnetonka boots

Celebrities like Kate Moss, Sieena Miller, Agyness Deyn, Nicole Richie, Caudia Schiffer, Lindsey Lohan, Lauren Cornad and more wear Minnetonka boots for years now. Their secret came out.!

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